Horses & Veterans in Harmony Program

This program is an Equine Facilitated Learning Program for Veterans.  The veterans will be taught basic guidelines on how to safely and effectively work around horses in various situations which will lead to developing safe and respectful relationships between human participants and their equine partners. Horses can sense our true feelings even if they don’t match our body language. By interacting with horses the veteran can help him or herself acknowledge and release those feelings.


There will be a progressive curriculum promoting a partnership based on communication and trust.  The veteran will come to understand how body language, body position, breathing and intent influence the horse and how that translates to people interactions.  This program is primarily for Vets with PTSD & TBI. Sessions are held on Tuesday - 9:30 - 11:30 AM.  For more info please email us at


This is not a riding program; all work is done on the ground.  Funding for this program is provided by donations from the general public and offered at no charge to our Veterans.  If you would like to contribute to the Veteran Program Fund, please go to our Support Page above and either donate through PayPal or send a check directly to us.  Please indicate the intention of the donation.  Thank you.