Meet Our Horses

Spud is head of the herd and he takes great pleasure introducing you to the other horses in the herd.  Take it away, Spud!

Meet "Spud"!

I AM THE HEAD OF THE HERD!  Make no mistake about it, I have been waiting for this spot for many years!  I take my job seriously, but it isn’t easy.  Particularly since they seem to be adding MARES to our herd on a daily basis!  They require all my attention just to keep them in line.  I don’t get much help from Ace or Snickers either.  I guess that is what comes from being the Top Guy!

Born: 1994

Breed: Quarter Horse – Palomino

Registered Name: Heza Doc Omino

Arrived: March 2012  

Meet "Double Trouble", otherwise known as "Dub"!

Boy, whoever named her got it right! She really is trouble. You see, she is the ALPHA MARE and of course, she thinks she is in charge.  She forgets that is my job.  She and I are getting up there in years, but we still know what it takes to be leaders!  Everyone seems to love Dub and she loves her job here at Harmony Farms.

Born: July 4, 1995

Breed: Appaloosa/Quarter Horse (with a little Arab from Grandma)

Not Registered

Arrived: July 2011    

Meet "Blondie"!

Blondie is part Mustang, which tells me she is a bit of a wild child! The humans say she is a brat at times. I know she gets in trouble for not standing still in the cross ties, pulling on her lead line, stealing hay and biting her stall when she doesn’t get treats.  But hey, no one is perfect!  She is still a cutie and we all love her.

Born: 1996

Breed: Mustang/Quarter Horse Cross

Not Registered

Arrived: 2013

Meet "Diamond"!

The humans love her and say she is a wonderful therapy horse, takes care of her riders, rides smoothly, all those good things.  

They forgot to mention she is so pushy, bossy and crazy she has her own pasture! She thinks she is in charge of everyone.  She is kind of pretty too, but you didn’t hear it from me.

Born 1/1/2002

Registered Name:  CRBB DIAMOND

Arrived: 1/1/2020

Meet "Mister"!

I really like Mister.  He is a big guy but they say he is a sweetie. He loves our riders and fits right into his job as a therapy horse. And he is still a baby compared to the rest of us!  One thing he picked up on real fast is asking for treats! He loves to eat everything!  He has his own pasture next to Diamond.  I sure wish we could have him back in my pasture, with the rest of herd to help me handle these MARES!

Born:  1/19/2010

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Registered Name:  Chocklate Covered GQ

Arrived:  7/20/2020

Meet "Ace"!

Hey, I finally got another Gelding for my team! Enough with the mares for a while! This is Ace and he is a really neat guy. He came into the barn, greeted everyone like he belonged there and you know what? Now he does! He is quiet in the pasture and does not make trouble for me. It does seem that Blondie has decided he is her BFF now, but that is fine with me. Keeps him busy and one less Mare I have to watch. Welcome Ace, glad to have you on the boys team!

Born: 2005

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Registered Name: ACE (not registered)

Arrived: 5/01/2023

Meet "Riddick"!

Another draft horse! Hooray! I like these big guys, they take all the heavy lifting off my old back. Riddick seems to have the philosophy of “Whatever”! He moves really slow, never gets too excited and likes everyone, even Diamond! He moved to Florida in 2022 from Las Vegas. Vegas, baby!

Riddick gets along with everyone in the herd, but Dub seems to be his favorite. Smart move guy, get in good with the Alpha Mare. We are happy he is at Harmony Farms and the riders all love riding “the big, big horse”.

Born:  2006

Breed: North American Spotted Draft Horse

Registered Name:  Equus Image Princess Riddick

Arrived:  August 2023

Meet "Snickers"!

Snickers is a nice guy. Stays to himself, does not bother the girls (what a relief!) and knows his place in the herd. He really makes my job easy.  I have heard people say he is the sweetest horse in the barn.  I beg to differ!  I guess we all have our fans out there and Snickers is leading the pack. 

Born: 2002

Breed: Paint

Registered Name: Intensified Silhouette

Arrived: March 2021


From SPUD:  I will let the Boss Mare tell you about these 2 guys, because I just don't know what you do with them!"

Cupid & Ziti are here on a free lease from Donna Manfredi and we are happy to have them. It has been quite a transition for us to the mini world, and even more so for the horses!

We plan to use them for our reading program, Stable Stories; having school kids read to the horses and for visits from Senior centers.

The one on the right is Cupid and he is the Dad of the other one, Ziti. They are 12 and 7 years old.

Everyone loves them!