Welcome to Harmony Farms!  My name is Novi, and since I am the "Head of the Herd", I get to introduce you to all my friends. 

I am NOVI, a chocolate brown gelding who is 15.3 hands. Everyone thinks I am the handsomest horse in the barn and I agree! All the mares love me! I lived in Wisconsin before coming to Florida in 2006. Did some shows, trail rides and best of all, I was a therapy horse for 5 years! When I came to Harmony Farms, Pepsi appointed me as second in command of the herd!  He recognized that I was Johnny on the spot when it comes to checking on everything! Now I am the HEAD OF THE HERD. This is one tough job! I have to check on where everyone is at all times, check to be sure the area is secure, check out any new horses coming into the herd, keep the girls in line and still do my work for lessons!  Wow, just listing all my jobs makes me exhausted!  I'll tell you what else makes my job hard, Spud & Duke! They want to play all the time, and run around like there was nothing else to do. Come on guys, get serious!




Born: 1995

Breed: Quarter Horse

Registered Name: The Chocolate Menac

Arrived: 2008


Meet True Valentino!


I know, it sounds like a sissy name, but this guy is no sissy! True (as his friends call him), is my old stable mate from my days at the barn in Melbourne with my former owner. I remembered him the minute his hoof hit the ground at our barn! He is a big, big boy, 16.2 hands, with a dark chocolate coat (similar to mine!). He is pretty smart and well trained too. He is a Thoroughbred. You know, like the ones that run in the Triple Crown races. He reminds us of that all the time. Hey True, if you never raced, you are not race horse! Just a subtle reminder. That is one of my jobs as head of the herd, keeping all these egos in check! It is a tough job indeed. Anyway, so far none of the mares have gone ga ga over him!  He just seems to like everyone and that is fine with me. Glad to have my buddy back!


Born: 2002

Breed: Thoroughbred

Registered Name: True Valentino

Arrived: 2014  


Everyone, meet SODA POP!


He was a show horse and he has been everywhere. Oh the stories he tells. He is 16H, which is bigger than me, but who cares! He's pretty quiet most of the time except at turn out in the morning. Boy, can he run! He is now in the smaller pasture with Blondie. They call him the babysitter horse. He treats Blondie like a Princess, but he gets a little too possessive sometimes if you ask me. She is not a baby you know! I guess he means well because everyone loves him for it.


Born: 1989

Breed: Quarter Horse

Registered Name: Selectrocution

Arrived: 2009    

Meet DUKE!


He is not too big, just 14.2h, and I think he could lose a few pounds! Run around the pasture more, Duke and work off some of that fat. That will get him moving! Since Dub arrived, Duke likes to hang out with me & her! They call us the Three Amigos and usually say something like "Here comes trouble" when we head to the gate! Duke is lots of fun in the pasture and he likes to play games with me; like pulling off each others fly masks! Oh Boy, what fun. The humans get upset with us though! He was donated by one of our volunteers and her kids. They hoped he would work out for us and they were right. Thank you Gettlemen family.


Born: 1996

Breed: Quarter HorseRegistered Name: Co Peppy's Bonanza

Arrived: 2009 


Good-Bye, POCOSO   July 17, 2020


The jinx of 2020 strikes again at Harmony Farms. We put Pocoso down today. He was 28 years young but has been nursing a serious injury to his suspensory ligament for close to a year. He continued to weaken and let me know it was time.

Pocoso came into my life back in 2010. We had put Flip down in December of 2009 and it left a big hole in my heart. My friend Sheila called one to say her friend, Moriah, was trying to place a horse and he could be Flip’s replacement. He not only looked like Flip, but he was the same wimpy personality! He was a sweetheart. I fell instantly in love.

Pocoso’s history included professional polo & cow work in Texas before coming to Florida. His true calling though was as a therapy horse. He excelled. I could trust him to take care of his riders and always be ready for work. As I said, he did have a wimpy side though. I found it hard to believe he played polo since he was not the bravest soul when things were flying around or something was out of place. I will always remember him running out the gate and halfway down the driveway, in 1 foot of water (Hurricane Irma) because a white plastic bag was chasing him!

We have so many riders who learned how to ride on Pocoso, who took that extra chance because he was so steady and who loved him like I do.

Harmony Farms is a family. The staff, volunteers, riders and everyone involved in our organization truly love these horses. They see the small miracles they perform every day, only seeking a kind word, a loving rub and perhaps a carrot or apple in return.

I want to thank all the wonderful Harmony Farms volunteers for their devotion to all our horses, but especially how everyone helped Pocoso and came out to say goodbye. Again, thanks to Brad Newman and Josh for making it a little easier.

Pocoso was one of the magical ones. He will be missed dearly. The 3 Amigos, (Irish, Pocoso & Duke) are down to one now. Find Irish and run to the pastures over the Rainbow bridge, pain free, my buddy. Thank you for all your love and devotion to your special job


Breed: Appendix (Quarter Horse/Thoroughbred)

Not Registered 

Arrived: 2010         


Meet Double Trouble otherwise known as DUB!



Boy, whoever named her got it right! She really is trouble. Now I know she is very pretty, flashy, and knows all the right moves, but she really stirs up the pasture. She is kind of my girlfriend, but don't tell the others. She misses me when I am out of the pasture, so I guess she loves me!  But when she is not feeling friendly, WATCH OUT! She even pushes me around! And I am the HEAD OF THE HERD! She keeps reminding me that there is also an ALPHA MARE and that she is it. Little pushy if you ask me! Anyway, she loves her job here at Harmony Farms and all the riders love her.


Born: July 4, 1995

Breed: Appaloosa/Quarter Horse (with a little Arab from Grandma)

Not Registered

Arrived: July 2011    


Good-Bye IRISH     June 1, 2020



I called him my Big Old Goofy Guy and frequently said his name should have been, “Whatever!” because nothing phased this guy.  He came to Harmony Farms in 2011 for his semi-retirement.  I knew right away that he was a treasure. 


He had been a 4H horse and was perfect.  Talk about well trained and sweet attitude.  He just knew what to do and welcomed his new life.  Anyone who rode Irish instantly fell in love with him.  He was a perfect therapy horse because he always did what was right and took care of his rider.


I, personally loved riding him.  I am grateful for so many wonderful trail rides while we were on the ranch.  In all his glory, he was still a bit of a wise guy.  He would lull you into responding instantly to any commands but then slowly meander in the direction he wanted to go!  Like you would not notice!


As he aged and was a bit more affected by his Cushing’s disorder, he needed more stall time under a fan and more body clips.  He loved the special attention.  He loved all his caretakers particularly Judy who kept him clipped all summer and Karen who spoiled him all the time! 


He also got along with all the other horses.  It is best to say that Irish used his years of wisdom to pick his battles.  “Do I really need a drink now, while the Mare Witch is at the trough, Nah, I will wait.”  And he did, frequently.  He greeted new herd members like the welcoming committee, but Duke and Pocoso were his best Buds.


When word spread about this sad news, the outpouring of love and affection for Irish was overwhelming.  I love the note from Carol Mulligan who gifted us with Irish 9 years ago:


“Pam, thank you for giving his retirement a purpose with such excellent care and so much love. My heart aches”. All of our hearts ache right now.




Rest in Peace my buddy.  You have lots of friends waiting for you over the Rainbow Bridge.  Say Hi to Pepper & Emily!



Born: 1989    Died 2020

Breed: Quarter Horse

Registered Name: Conclusively Irish

Arrived: October 2011

Meet Spud!


Oh Boy, I knew he was trouble from the day he arrived. He likes my mares a little too much! The humans are always yelling at him for jumping on the mares! I don't know what that is all about, but I know he gets in trouble for doing it. Everyone says he is so handsome with his Palomino coat and wavy mane, yeah, yeah. Heard it all before. He is not tall, dark and handsome like me and that is all that matters! I have to keep reminding him that I AM IN CHARGE! I am going to keep an eye on that guy!


Born: 1994

Breed: Quarter Horse – Palomino

Registered Name: Heza Doc Omino

Arrived: March 2012  

Meet Blondie!


I don’t know too much about her because she belongs to Soda Pop and is in his pasture, but I think she is a pretty little thing! She is part Mustang, which tells me she is probably a wild child! Note from Pam, "no she is not Novi and you know it!" Blondie came from a family in Tampa. Her owner had died and they needed to find her a good home. So of course, friends of ours who knew her, recommended Harmony Farms. They must have remembered that I am the head of the herd and she would be safe here with me! Little did they know that she would be taken over by Soda Pop, the babysitter of the world!  Blondie took to our program real fast, but the humans say she is a bit of a brat at times. I know she gets in trouble for not standing still in the cross ties. That is a definite no no in our barn! But everyone is glad she is a part of the herd, even me!


Born: 1996

Breed: Mustang/Quarter Horse Cross

Not Registered

Arrived: 2013

Meet Devon!


I know I heard the Boss Mare say more than once, "We will never have an Arabian therapy horse"!  Well, guess what? now we do!  Devon is a pretty flashy guy, I guess you could say he is handsome, but I am not going to say it!  

He was a bit wimpy when he arrived, even hiding behind Shy for protection, but lately, he has become pretty brave. He refused to leave the water trough when Dub walked up!  Nobody does that, except for me.  And she let him!  Don't know what got into her.

He is pretty noisy in his stall too, always banging for attention and food!  I bet he learned that from Duke.  He acts pretty goofy lots of the time and the humans say he does not act like an Arabian, more like a Beagle if you ask me!  

Anyway, Shy seems to like him and so does the rest of the herd, so I am happy  to have him as part of the team. His riders really like riding the fancy Arabian too.  

Born: 2001

Breed: Arabian

Name: Cameo's Endevor (Devon)

Arrived:  November 2015





Meet Shy Anne!


This cute little mare sure is a looker!  The day she arrived, she stood up to all the boys along the fence line letting us know who was boss.  She is one tough. cookie.  And, she can move!


She and Dub had a run around the second day she arrived and she left Dub in the dust! She is a large pony and moves smoothly for her riders,  which is why they love her.  I can tell she is very smart and wants to check everything out all the time.  She fit in just fine with our bunch and likes to run with us when we get crazy and run all over the pasture.  Whew, even I have a hard time catching her, and I am the HEAD of the herd!


Born 2006

Breed: Appaloosa

Name: Shy Anne

Arrived:  January 2016

 Meet Diamond!



Yup, another Mare!  The boss mare told me no more Mares, but here she is, driving me crazy.  Diamond came to us from a very nice lady who wanted her to be spoiled in her retirement like all the horses at Harmony Farms.  “I” don’t think we are spoiled, we are just special!  Anyway, she came as a boarder for a few months and everyone fell in love with her.  Not me though, I only have one love and that is Dub!


In January we decided to add her to the herd.  The humans love her and say she is a wonderful therapy horse, takes care of her riders, rides smoothly, all those good things.       


They forgot to mention she is pushy, bossy and crazy in the pasture!  She thinks she is in charge!!!!!  There is only 1 horse in charge and that is me, unless Dub tells me otherwise.  I just found out that Soda Pop really likes her and she is nice to him. She must like older guys!


Anyway, she is here to stay and our riders think she is just great!  She is kind of pretty too, but you didn’t hear it from me.





Birthdate: 1/1/2002

Arrived: 1/1/2020


Meet Mister!


He just joined our herd in September and I really like this guy.  It might have something to do with his registered name, Chocklate Covered GQ.  Did you notice MY registered name?  The Chocolate Menace!  We could be brothers! 


The Boss Mare said not a chance Novi, but I am not too sure!


Anyway, he arrived, checked out all the girls and decided he liked Duke and Devon better.  Everyone seemed happy about that, not sure why(??). He is a big guy but they say he is a sweetie.  He loves our riders and fit right into his job as a therapy horse. And he is only 10 years old, a baby!


One thing he picked up on real fast is asking for treats!  He loves to eat everything!


We want to thank Ashley Westbrook for her donation of Mister, he is a treasure.




Born:  1/19/2010

Breed: American Quarter Horse

Registered Name:  Chocklate Covered GQ

Arrived 7/20/2020